TEXT MESSAGING - Important Information

The surgery will be sending text messages to inform patients when they are due for  certain review such as Blood Pressure or where we require updated information such as smoking status.  These text messages will not contain personal information such as your name etc.   Please ensure your mobile numbers are up to date. If you do not wish to receive text messages please write to us and we will update your records accordingly.

Many thanks


Call Blocking  -  Does your mobile phone accept calls from unknown numbers?

The practice are experiencing difficulty contacting patients who have provided their mobile numbers due to Call Blocking.  Generally this is when patients have provided their number during the emergency triage clinic or when the doctors or administration team need to contact a patient regarding test results etc.

If you are contacting the practice please ensure you provide a number which will receive calls from an unknown number.

Thank you




New Patient Registration

Patients are welcome to join the surgery if they live within a defined area of the practice. To join you will need your medical card which you should amend with any new details, sign and give to the reception staff along with a new patient questionnaire.

If you have ongoing medical needs or are on repeat medication you are advised to make an appointment with one of the doctors. This will enable the doctors to update your medical history and medication requirements prior to your notes being received from your previous doctor.

Practice Area

The practice area encompasses the Station Road, Greenisland, Shore Road to Whiteabbey Station Road, Doagh Road, Carntall Road joining the Irish Hill Road to Lisglass Road, Lower Woodburn Road, Middle Road to North Road, turn left on Prince Andrew Way to Taylors Avenue, joining the Marine Highway returning to Greenisland via the Shore Road. 

Mapped Area

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